How to Exit Trades with Trailing Stop Loss – Binance, Kucoin, and More

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In this video I share how you can exit crypto trades with a trailing stop loss using this tool:

This trailing stop loss exit works well for Binance, Kucoin, BtStamp, Bittrex, Youbit.

Why would you want to exit on a trailing stop loss and not use the take profit parameter?

Using this strategy you are giving your trade plenty of room to work. You’re looking to exit your trade on a retracement. Yes you’re not maximizing profit but you’re also in this trade for the long term. So with something like this you want to give it plenty of room to move, retrace, rise, etc. All that clear?

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Crypto Trailing Stop Loss/Smart Profits:
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Best Trade Journal Tool:
Crpto Charting Tool:
Best Crypto Tracking Portfolio, Trades:
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