Bitcoin using Tesla Actual Attempt! W/ Bitmain Antminer S9

Ver Vídeo: Bitcoin using Tesla Actual Attempt! W/ Bitmain Antminer S9

So I actually tried it! I used the Bitmain Antminer S9, which is currently the most efficient publicly available Bitcoin miner, at at ~0.1 Joule per GH/s. The unit I use, is capable of ~13.5TH/s, and is 2.5x more efficient then the previous generation of Antminers, the S7.
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I connect the Antminer S9 to the Model S via a 12v to 240v power inverter.
Ideally, one would prefer to tap into the high voltage battery pack directly. This poses a couple problems however. 1; where to connect. The High Voltage battery is only connected and online when the vehicle is charging, in use, or the car is charging the 12v Aux battery. 2; The voltage of the main battery pack is as high as 404v. One would need another DC to DC converter to bring that voltage down, then invert it to power the Mining Equipment, or, a DC to DC converter capable of going directly to the miner via DC. 3: Tapping into the main battery in just about any way will void that nice, shiny, 8 year infinite mile warranty.

Going through the 12v Aux battery also poses problems. Such as the capacity of that battery is rather low. On it’s own, it can’t supply enough power to power the mining equipment for any real length of time. The car’s DC to DC converter, is about 600 watt capacity. It’s designed to keep the battery charged, and power the on-board electronics such as headlights, seat heater, dash and center screens/computers. It was not designed to provide high high power continuously that mining equipment would require.

In the end, the test was a Bust. Fun to do. Who else on this planet has Actually really honestly attempted to mine bit coin using a Electric Car as a power source? I think we made records here. The miner wouldn’t stay on at full power. Removed 1 hash board, at 2/3 capacity, still did not want to run. at 1/3 capacity, with a draw of 450wh, it stayed powered up, but would just not start mining.

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